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In-Store Payments

With Bespoke Payments you will be able to choose between a variety of well designed and reliable terminals for your business. We have solutions no matter the type of business and partner solutions that we recommend.

Point of Sale Terminals

WiFi Terminals

With our WiFi Card Machines you can accept payments both at your register, at your customer´s location in your store or restaurant. 

3G/4G Terminals

Whether you have completely moble sales or no internet connection at your site, this is the terminal to go for. Free delivery on UK card machines.

ePOS Integrations

We can integrate into any ePOS system with our simple SDK. We have current integrations with leading retail & hospitality systems. 

Merchant Reconciliation

 Get your reconciliation data directly into your ERP system via API or manually via Portal. We are proud to present our cutting edge Settlement API. 


Bespoke Payments Point of Sale Terminals

Verifone VX 690

PAX A920 Android terminal


Verifone VX 680

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