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  • Raymond Eckert

Contacless Payments for larger Purchases to Combat Coronavirus 

Contactless limit for in-store spending will increase from £30 to £45 in the United Kingdom as of 1st of April 2020. This is to help retailers reduce physical contact in shops during the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. Bespoke Payments offers a wide range of POS terminals that can accept any form of contactless payments, whether its radio-frequency identification (RFID), or near field communication (NFC). Making payments with your smartphone is easier than ever and with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay customers can shop confidentially without a touch of a terminal by swiping their phone. Contact one of our dedicated team members to help you find out how we can help your business thrive in a new age of digital payments revolution and learn how to drive your contactless payments. Drop us a line or call directly - +44 (0) 207-205-4422

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